Bulk Wire, Construction & Baling Supplies

Oregon Wire Products, an American-Made company operating since 1973, takes tremendous pride as being a 1-stop provider of Bulk Wire, Construction & Baling Supplies. We strive to provide you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with personalized customer support. From bale ties to stand wire, we are your total wire source!

Bulk Wire Products (Continuous Strands)
  • Acoustical Wire
    (With or Without Clips)
  • Bale Ties
    • Single Loop
    • With or Without Clips
  • Boxed Wire
    • 50 lb
    • 10 lb
  • Tie Wire
  • Bulk / Stand Wire
  • Mechanics Wire
  • Wire Rod
    • Hot Roll
    • Cold Roll
    • Smooth Rod
  • Black Annealed
  • High-Tensile
  • Soft Wire
  • Bag Ties
  • Florist Wire
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Bright Basic Wire
Construction Materials
  • Dowel Bars
  • Dowel Bar Baskets
  • Tie Bar Baskets
  • Remesh
  • Rebar
  • Fabricated Rebar
  • Rebar Ties
  • Bag Ties
  • Tie Wire
  • Custom Building Supplies
  • Mechanics Wire
  • Acoustical Wire
  • Snap Ties
    • Plastic Cone
    • Metal Washer
    • Cupped Metal Washer
  • Kreteseal
  • Nails
We are an American-Born company that takes tremendous pride in producing American-Made products. Our first option is to manufacture your production and / or custom fabrication order within our manufacturing facility in Portland, OR. Also, as a viable option thats contingent upon our customers desired volume and delivery time frames, we can source off-shore on a per project basis.